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Healing Crisis

What is a Healing Crisis?  What to expect after a wholistic healing session.

You may experience a temporary worsening of symptoms at some point during the 48 hours after the session.  You may experience a headache or “flu-like” symptoms.  If you feel worse, you may think the session is not working, but this type of response in fact means the treatment work is indeed doing its job and helping the body to rid itself of toxins and impurities.

A healing crisis is what  people experience after many alternative or wholistic healing techniques.  During these techniques, trapped  toxins are released and elimated from the body, The body eliminates toxins in lots of ways - The Skin is the largest elimination organ of the body - rash or irritations may appear.  The bowels and unitiary tract are the most thought of elimination methods.  You may experience constipation or diarrhea.  The urine may change color.  Excess toxins in the system may cause headaches.   As always, if these symptoms last for more that a few days seek established medical attention.

  Drink plenty of water to help wash these toxins from your system.  

There are different ways people may respond after receiving a session. 
Generally clients feel relaxed, energized and calm.

Some of the responses you feel might not be very comfortable.  The severity of the responses usually depends on the degree of the imbalances in the body.  Most common responses are due to the fact that the body is cleaning itself and getting rid of toxins and waste.


 Increased urination

 Increased mucous

 Frequent bowel movements

 Increased perspiration

Improved sleep



Feeling energized

Discomfort or soreness in muscles



Drinking plenty of water, juice and herbal tea

Resting or napping to help the body restore more quickly

Avoid stressful activities

It is always good to drink lots of water after a session as it helps with the cleansing process and toxin elimination of the body.

Repeating:   if these symptoms last for more that a few days seek established medical attention.


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