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MFR - Myofascial Release


I completed my MYOFASCIAL RELEASE training in October 2018 & Skills Enhancement Seminar on November 23, 2018 under the direction of John F. Barnes' Therapy on the Rocks in Sedona Arizona.  John Is an internationally recognized physical therapist, lecturer, author, and the leading authority on Myofascial Release.  I completed the following sessions in 2019: Cervical & Thoracic  Rebounding, and Fascial-Pelvis release.  I continue to study and am scheduled to complete Unwinding and MFR 2 in November 2020 (covid permitting). 


Myofascial RELEASE relieves soft tissue restrictions that cause pain, stress, tension.

It is a type of safe, low load stretch that releases tightness and pain throughout the body caused by Myofascial pain syndrome, which describes chronic muscle pain that is worse in certain areas known as trigger points.  Myofascial Release treats the entire Myofascial mind/body complex eliminating the pressure of the restricted Myofascial system  that causes the symptoms.

Myofascial Release is a hands-on application meant to stretch, loosen & soften the fascia tissue. Each stroke is applies gentle pressure for a minimum of 5 minutes. It assists in relieving skeletal muscle immobility and pain, improving blood & lymphatic circulation.

OBJECTIVE:  To create a Pain Free & Active life by relieving pain.

Back Pain     Headaches     Whiplash     Pelvic Pain     Neck Pain     Sports Injuries     Chronic Pain     Disc Problems

Migraines     Pelvic Floor Dysfunction     Neurological Dysfunction     Fibromyalgia     Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Adhesions     Carpal Tunnel     Jaw Pain (TMJ)     Painful Scars     Scoliosis     Infants/Children     Sciatica


Help with Women's Health Issues

Vulvodynia     Interstitial Cystitis     Mastectomy Pain     Menstrual Problems     Painful Intercourse     Urinary Frequency

Problematic Breast Implant/Reduction Scars     Coccydynia     Endometriosis     Infertility Problems     Urinary Incontinence

Lymphedema     Urinary Urgency     Episiotomy Scars     Pelvic Floor Pain     Pudendal Nerve Entrapmen


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Reduce pain, Tension & Inflammation

Improve circulation

Assist in healing of injuries & surgery

Provides homeostasis or balance in the body

  The goal / intent of all wholistic therapies is to balance the body & allow it to heal itself thereby defeating dis-ease whether the cause be physical, mental, emotional or spiritual.

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